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The Platform

The Dédalo software platform was created as an open and free working tool that would facilitate the job of managing and sharing Intangible Cultural Heritage.

It was designed mainly for researchers and specialists, but it is also available to students and individuals interested in creating an Intangible Cultural Heritage or Oral History audiovisual archive. Its versatility makes it suitable for a great variety of projects.


- Open development platform (open source)

- Web application based on open standards (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

- Manage text, images and audiovisual material

- Multiuser, multiproject, multilanguage and multithesaurus working structure

- Cumulative sequential workflow

- Powerful tools for tagging and recovery

Work packages

Captures (Captures, Informants, Reels)

Thesaurus (Hierarchies, Themes, Toponymy, Models)

Transcription (Text, Audio, Audio-Video)

Indexing (Fragments, Descriptors)


Search (Free, Viewing, Faces)

Admin (Projects, Users, Statistics, Activity, Languages)

Projects Some projects using Dédalo to manage their oral archive:

· Museu de Prehistòria de València

· Memorial Democràtic (Banco audiovisual de la Memoria Colectiva)

· Mujer y Memoria (Woman and Memory - Mothers and daughters of the Spanish transition. An oral history project)

· Catalonia in transition (Transition in Catalonia - Memorial Democràtic)

· Museu Alcoiá de la Festa MAF (Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos)

· Heraclitus Research Vessel (Memoria Oral Pescadores del Mediterráneo)

· Museu de la Paraula (Archivo de la Memoria Oral Valenciana)

· Collection of funds from MUVAET (Museu Valencià d'Etnologia)

· Memories of the Occupation in Greece (Freie Universität Berlin)

· Stolen Motherhoods Digital archive that gathers testimonies and documents from victims of this crime in Spain

Community As an individual, you can collaborate directly with the project by helping with translations, preparation of documentation and supporting materials, testing, etc.

Join the community development team!

Try it The easiest way to test Dédalo is by running our online demo. You can also request a customized Internet test version from one of our partner companies .