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AuthoringDédalo source code in its different versions, is owned by the authors and is registered in the Intellectual Property.

Its use is free but this does not exclude the acquisition of the commitments listed in the open source license attached to the software.


Dédalo Platform integrates and coordinates development team and partners, and oversees the application development: concept, focus, direction, timing ...


Dédalo was born from the collaboration of the company Render and the Museu Valencià d'Etnologia.

In 1998, the museum began the research project "Archivo de la Memoria Oral Valenciana" (Valencian Oral Memory audiovisual archive) led by its director, Enrique Pérez.

At that time there was not any software that can manage efficiently Intangible Heritage and the Museu Valencià d'Ethnology was contacted with Render, to take charge of technological development of the project.

Early versions are already being implemented the client-server model, using Apache, FileMaker (with Web gateway Lasso) and QuickTime Streaming.
On the client side, is accessed through a Web browser.

In late 2003 they decided to change the model by introducing a MySQL server as database and PHP as the main scripting language.

Due to the complexity involved in research, conservation and diffusion of Intangible Heritage, from the beginning, the development of Dédalo is focused on management of audiovisual materials.

The decision to create the development platform and set free the software with GPL-licensed, came in January 2009.


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