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Dédalo Platform is currently funded through contributions from partner companies.

You can contribute to the financing of several ways:

- If you represent an institution, providing financing agreements or providing regular or occasional donations.
- If you represent a company, offering value added services, agreeing certifications and development financing.
- As an individual, making donations or contributions, both economic and personal.

In either case, you can help fund the development of Dédalo, contracting services to partner companies: hosting, public web site design using Dédalo as engine, installation and maintenance of Dédalo systems, user training, consulting and projects direction, etc. ..

Partner companies

Render Comunicación SL

Collaborating organizations

Museu Valencià d'Etnologia

Memorial Democràtic


The development of a free software platform like Dédalo, involves extensive work in coordination, design, programming, translation, support materials, promotion, etc. .. therefore, any contribution or assistance in this regard is welcome.

If you want to help, join the community sending us your data and in what areas and objectives you think you can bring your help.

Thanks in advance.

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