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Dédalo is a complex web application (client-server model) which requires a web server configured with at least the following minimum versions of these open source programs:

Apache 2.4, PHP 5.6, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.4 ("JSONB Finally!")

Dédalo does NOT provide direct support or installer as desktop applications, but there are pre-installed versions of Dédalo to work standalone off-line and full hosting services for users without experience in server management. If this is your case, consult one of the Certified Services. Usingthis software in a project, either as a working system, query engine, or back-end, always implies the obligation to reference the source with a link as follows:

Dedalo iconPowered by Dédalo : Intangible Cultural Heritage Management Platform

To download Dédalo, send the following request and you received an email with the link
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